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Description of ports below.

Port Description Usage
POWER IN DC power supply input Connect power source (DC power supply or POWER OUT of another pedal)
POWER OUT DC power output for the next ActivePedal Power source for the next daisy chained ActivePedal
SC-LINK Simucube Link port Connect Simucube Link Hub directly or through Ethernet switch here
PEDAL 1 & PEDAL 2 Port for external load cell based passive pedals Connect optional external passive pedal(s) here. Before connecting ensure if the passive pedal is directly compatible, or is an adapter needed.
ADAPTER Expansion port reserved for future use Do not connect
POWER Power on/off button When pressed, device is powered on

Typical installations

The illustration below demostrates the typical configurations of ActivePedal. ActivePedal kits will come with the necessary cables.

Connecting passive pedals

Passive pedals that are not designed for ActivePedal connector will require an adapter cable. Navigate to Accessories section for current availability.

For example Heusinkveld pedals require an adapter cable.


To avoid damaging devices and prevent physical hazards, make changes to cabling only when DC power source has been fully unplugged from the mains input (house wall AC power socket). Powering off with POWER button alone is not sufficient.