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Managing profiles

Profiles are configuration sets of one or multiple pedals. Profiles can be used to save your pedal configurations and/or share them. Profiles have all the configurations of each pedal e.g. roles, force curves, travels and effects.

Profiles can be found in device panel, on top of all devices. The name of the currently selected profile is displayed on the button and left clicking it will open context menu to quickly switch to one of the previously used profiles.

Tuner software will automatically preserve changes made to the active profile, and reopening the software will restore all devices to the same settings that were used previously. This doesn't modify the saved version of the profile, which is only done when Save-button is pressed or when switching to different profile and saving the changes to the previous profile when prompted.

Quick start guide

Name your profile and press save. Now the profile can be found from profile catalog (LOAD list).


User can add tags which describe the profile and allow searching and categorizing profiles. Tags can be added either by pressing a section of Tags and selecting corresponding tag or by searching tags from tag categories by starting writing the name of a tag in the input field.

When a new tag is added to the profile, the related tags are also added automatically. For example adding car class tag "Formula 1" will automatically also add "Open wheel" tag.

Tags can be removed by clicking the red X that appears on the tag when hovered with the cursor.

Tag categories

  • Game
  • Car class
  • Car
  • Other


  • Save: Saves current profile to a local file.
  • Clone: Clones a current profile so that it can be edited without changing the original profile.
  • Load: Load a profile from a profile catalog which is saved on a computer. Loading is done by double-clicking profile.
  • Import: Import a profile to local profile catalog.
  • Export: Export a profile to a separate file for sharing.


Templates are integrated profiles that come with the Tuner software, and cannot be changed. If you want to use a template as a base for profile then just clone it and you have a base for a new profile.

Search and load profile

Click the LOAD button to open a profile search view. Clicking profile name or moving selection by arrow keys expands profile details and shows the description of the profile. Double click selected profile to load it. The profile is instantly applied to relevant devices. If your currently active profile contains unsaved changed, you will be prompted to either save or discard them.

Adding filter tags allows searching profiles that are meant for the specific car types or driving styles.