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Before you buy

Which rigs are compatible with ActivePedal?

Rig compatibility depends just on mechanical fitting and mounting, which means that nearly all rigs are compatible at least with some installation effort. To get an idea, see Mounting.

However, not all rigs are created equal. One quality aspect of rig is their rigidity and their vibration damping properties. Typically worst ones in this sense are thin and/or flexible metal structure rigs, while in other hand rigid metallic or plywood rigs exhibit high vibration damping. This may affect the quality of feeling, and in worst case could cause oscillation issues.

Which passive pedals are compatible without adapter?

Simucube passive pedals are supported out-of-the-box. See also Specifications.

What pedals are compatible with adapter?

Simucube offers adapters for the most used passive pedals in the market. See the list from Specifications.

Does ActivePedal require also the Simucube BasePlate item?

No. Simucube BasePlate is designed to make installation easier, enhance ergonomics wiht foot rest, and add adjustability. For list of required items, see Items needed.

Does Simucube BasePlate accommodate other pedals?

Yes, Heusinkveld Sprint and Ultimate series are out-of-the-box compatible. Also many others could be installed with some third party adapter or DIY tooling.

What is the ideal ActivePedal setup for smooth connectivity and use?

See our recommendations from Items needed and consequent installation pages.

After you have it

Shall I power off ActivePedal when not using it?

ActivePedal may be left powered on for unlimited amount of time without side effects. However it is a good practive to power them off to reduce idle power consumption, and for maximial safety (especially if untrailed person, children or pets have access to them).

Tip: to eliminate the need to use the push-button behind the ActivePedal for power on/off, one may connect power adapter to AC extension cord with a switch or to remote controllable AC switch. This way multiple pedals may be switched on/off simulatenously in more ergonomical way.

Is it normal that resistance/friction of pedal reduces after the initial use?

Yes. Lead screw grease will settle during initial usage and this feels like friction reduction while device is unpowered.

Worth noting that while the device is powered on, the sensation shall not change noticeably over use because pedal's sensor based active control will compensate such changes.