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Frequently Asked Questions about ActivePedal.

Red circle indicator on device in Tuner

This means that device has faulted. The faults are cleared by pressing a button "Clear faults" on top of device panel.

Make sure that USB-cable is connected to Simucube Link Hub and computer. Press USB-cable hard enough to Simucube Link Hub USB-connector to make sure it is properly connected.

These are valid after first firmware update.

  • No light: Not connected to computer.
  • Continuous light: Connected to computer and ActivePedal
  • Double blink: No connected devices.

ActivePedal Led indicators

  • Continuous purple: Disabled.
  • Blinking blue: Moving to rest position.
  • Continuous green: ActivePedal Active.
  • Blinking yellow: Calibration is ongoing.
  • Rapid cyan blinking: Safe mode. This means that load sensor is not used. Indicated in Tuner as fault.
  • Rapid red blinking: FAULT
  • Orange / Rapid white blinking: Firmware update

Cycling indicators

  • Double white blink: Not connected to Simucube Link Hub.
  • Slow red blink: Warning.