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Simucube Link

Simucube Link is a data link connecting unlimited number of sim racing devices to a computer. Simucube Link is based on real-time Ethernet and uses custom protocol designed for sim racing equipment control. The main contributions of Simucube Link are:

  • Scalable: unlimited devices while consuming only one USB port
  • Stable: all devices are galvanically isolated eliminating interference issues
  • Real-time: sub-millisecond latency
  • Immersion: game telemetry data delivered to devices for immersive effects
  • One app: Tuner configuration software for all Simucube Link devices
  • Maintenance: all device's firmwares in the Link are upgradeable with single click

Example usages of Simucube Link

Simucube Link Hub is a bridge device between USB and Simucube Link network. It has one USB-C port and one Simucube Link (RJ45 Ethernet) port.

Simucube Link Hub supports virtually unlimited Simucube Link compatible devices. To add more than one device, an standard Ethernet switch is needed to build a network of devices.

Simucube Link Hub is configuration free. All devices in the Link network will appear automatically in Tuner.