Change log

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Version Release date Changes
1.11.4 2023-09-27
  • Fixed vibrations in rest position that caused noise on some pedals
  • Fixed friction effect glitch in rest position with no preload
  • Fixed pedal force curve endstop not perfectly aligning with the visualization in UI
1.11.3 2023-09-19
Simucube Tuner
  • Fixed a bug causing ActivePedal physical configurations not being correctly saved
  • Fixed profile not being applied to devices before their view is opened for the first time
1.11.2 2023-09-18
  • Removed a bug which caused excess slack after preload.
  • Fixed a few vibration situations.
  • Removed ActivePedal activation from telemetry during iRacing and R3E replays.
  • Fixes to passive pedal calibration.
1.11.1 2023-09-14
Simucube Tuner
  • Added application settings menu that allows changing, if is Tuner launched on computer startup, and changing led brightness of the connected devices
  • Added code signing certificate for the installer and the Tuner application binary.
    • This removes warnings about the safety of the downloaded application and false-positive detections by some antivirus softwares
  • iRacing GT3 profile template made by Ole Steinbråten from Team Redline
  • Fixed sometimes occuring small movement, when pedal isn't pressed
  • Fixed Tuner showing inconsistent movement ranges in configure view
1.11.0 2023-08-31
Simucube Tuner
  • Added new template profile made by Team Redline driver Luke Bennett
  • Updated other template profiles
  • This release has larger changes on the ActivePedal feel. Improvements to pedal feel include:
    • Improved responsiveness
    • Less inherent damping and friction
    • Smoother feel
    • Feel the nuances of a force curve even better
    • More nuanced effects (may feel even aggressive on higher setting)
  • Note that this means that there may be need to adjust your pedal settings to get the same feeling. E.g. preload, damping and friction. This is partly due to reduced inherent damping and friction which makes pedal feel more springy. Also effects may need to be rescaled a bit.
1.10.1 2023-08-21
Simucube Tuner
  • Add Handbrake role for passive pedals
1.10.0 2023-08-17
Simucube Tuner
  • Brake threshold vibration and clutch bite point effects
  • Reworked friction effect and its UI
  • Moved the passive pedal dead zones to the configuration view so they are saved in ActivePedal instead of the profile
  • WRC Generations game support
  • Fixed compatibility issue with BeamNG telemetry when used with SimCommander
  • Fixed annoying sliding when using mouse wheel to scroll
  • Add handbrake pedal role
  • Reworked friction effect to feel more realistic dynamic friction
  • Brake threshold and clutch bite point effects that give feedback based on the current game input from the pedal
  • Fixed a bug in passive pedal output that caused inaccuracy in some cases
1.9.0 2023-08-02
Simucube Tuner
  • New G-Force telemetry effect
  • Telemetry effect support (rpm & g-force) for new games
    • Codemasters F1 games 2017 - 2023
    • Dirt Rally 1 & 2
    • See Game setup for complete list of supported effects and games, and instructions for enabling telemetry output from the game
  • Lamborghini Super Trofeo pedal profile by Charlie Martin
  • Fixed a bug that caused games to not receive pedal inputs after the pedals had been restarted multiple times
  • Fixed a bug that lead to the firmware update sometimes failing if it is done while a game is running
1.8.1 2023-06-20
  • Version 1.8.0 caused pedal sometimes to become unstable in configuration window. This release is a fix to that.
1.8.0 2023-06-19
    ❗ This release forces ActivePedal to recalibrate and reconfigure. All other settings stay as they were before.

  • Background work for future ActivePedal features.
  • Adjustments to ActivePedal control algorithm. Removed or reduced oscillation on multiple situations.
1.7.0 2023-06-16
Simucube Tuner
  • Game telemetry effect support for RaceRoom Racing Experience
  • Reassign device profiles when pedal roles are changed
  • Fix high force deadzone sometimes being reduced when profile is loaded
  • Change damping and RPM effect intensity mapping to make them easier to configure on low values. Numbers shown in the UI change, but profiles are automatically updated.
SC-Link Hub
  • Communication reliability improvements
  • Communication reliability improvements
1.6.0 2023-05-23
Simucube Tuner
  • Game telemetry effect support for 5 new games:
    • (all effects)
    • Automobilista 2 (all effects)
    • Project CARS and Project CARS 2 (ABS and RPM)
    • Live For Speed (all effects)
  • Fixed telemetry effects not being available when switching between AC and ACC
  • New F1 and Ferrari GTE 488 profile templates made by former F1 driver Heikki Kovalainen
  • Added "Start devices" option to the context menu of the tray icon
1.5.1 2023-05-12
Simucube Tuner
  • More flexible game detection system to make it easier for us to add support for more games in following updates
  • Fixed Tuner crashing in some cases when AC and some additional telemetry tool is open at the same time
  • New ACC specific brake profile template from a professional sim racer
  • Lot of improvements to the pedal feel to reduce or remove vibrations in some situations
  • Improved and more consistent preload feeling
  • Improved end stop feeling by removing stickiness
  • Improved pedal responsivity at low forces by reducing inherent damping in the algorithm
1.4.1 2023-05-05
Simucube Tuner
  • Improve input mapping clarity and mapping curve presets
1.4.0 2023-05-05
Simucube Tuner
  • Fix throttle and clutch active pedal input mapping sometimes being incorrect on device startup
  • Allow modifying last point of the input mapping curve to enable configurations with maximum game input being less than 100%
  • Add curve preset buttons for input mapping curve.
  • Fixed small glitch when input mapping curve is changed
  • Small adjustment to passive pedal calibration to improve consistency
1.3.1 2023-05-02
Simucube Tuner
  • Fixed launching second Tuner instance not opening primary instance window as intended
  • Fix pedal max force not changing depending on the physical configuration.
1.3.0 2023-04-27
Simucube Tuner
  • UI enhancements.
  • Added notification to Tuner when new software version is available.
  • Added "update all" -button to firmware update.
  • Tuner will stay running as a tray icon when the window is closed.
  • Added installer option for launching Tuner on Windows start up.
  • Added installer option for setting .td2p profile files to open in Tuner by default.
  • Fixed telemetry effects not being available, when AP is connected after launching Tuner and a game session.
  • Fixed bug where AP sent incorrect input signal to the game before ActivePedal was started.
  • Fixed external pedal calibration bug which caused external pedal to go slightly out of calibration.
  • Fixed AP startup false positive fault which prevented it moving to starting position. There should no more be need to slightly move the AP to get it starting.
1.2.0 2023-04-18
Simucube Tuner
  • UI consistency and style fixes.
  • Increased maximum preload to 40kg.
  • Support for changing profile by passing it as argument to the sc-tuner.exe.
    • Running a second instance of the software will switch the profile in the first instance immediately.
    • This allows implementing profile switching by keyboard macros or other external programs.
  • Support for starting all connected pedals by giving --start-all command line option. Only works when trying to run the software when one instance is already running.

Known issue: After updating Sc-link Hub firmware; Tuner has to be restarted to update ActivePedal firmware.
  • Improved main control algorithm to better handle long pedal travel and corrected stability issues.
  • Fixed multiple issues causing false-positive faults on pedal startup.
  • Fixed issue with saving pedal calibration state.
  • Fixed audible click that occurred occasionally with some pedals.
Sc-Link Hub
  • Changed pedal axis mapping to improve compatibility with some games.
    • All games require correcting of input mapping.
1.1.0 2023-04-05
  • Fixed bug which prevented force sensor calibration.
  • Added button for saving debug device logs to file. Button can be found on bottom right corner.
  • 1.0.0 2023-03-31 Initial version